originated as a parent volunteer effort on behalf of Stevenson Elementary Chess Club (Bellevue, WA).

This was in 2003 when Stevenson's first tournament was organized to provide funding for the newly formed club. Stevenson used proceeds from its well-attended tournaments to hire professional chess coaches for the club. Two years later Stevenson captured the USCF National Championship!


Our system has also enjoyed its own successes.

The Signup4Chess chess registration system has rapidly grown in popularity with other regional chess tournament organizers in the Pacific Northwest. We were also responsible for the efficient signup system used by the WA State Championship in 2005 (we helped set a record with over 1,100 participants registered for this one event).

Our system simplifies the registration process.

Signup4Chess provides instant feedback to parents anxious to know that their child has been registered. We also facilitate a "wait-list" with an automated notification process that is triggered when/if you decide to admit additional participants. Just before your event, the list of registered participants can be easily downloaded for import into pairing systems. In the near future we plan to also facilitate chess camp signups as well.

Signup4Chess is extremely cost-effective.

We reduce signup-errors, amplify signup rates, and reduce your workload. Signup4Chess only charges $1.00 per registration plus a pass-thru of our credit card processing fees (35 cents + 3% of the transaction amount). For a $15 tournament, this amounts to a mere $1.70. Most tournament organizers pass this cost to registrants in the form of a $1.50 or $1.75 registration fee. In our experience, chess parents do not balk at the extra fee. On account of the convenience and immediacy of our system it is typical for tournaments to rapidly reach their signup capacity.

We remit 90% of collected proceeds at or near the end of each month. We settle the account shortly after your chess event has completed.

Signup4Chess accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover.

Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover accepted.
For payments by check or cash, you simply deposit the payment and then click on the check-box next to the chess player's name. It's that simple! The chess parent will have registered his/her own family details online. Note that you also have the option of manually entering chess registration information into the Signup4Chess system.



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